Bermudian Troops Adventure Race And Beaver Paddle

Bermudian Troops Adventure Race And Beaver Paddle

On May 7, 10 and 11, we at Eagle Adventure Experiences started off our season with a bang while doing an adventure race and Beaver River paddle with the Bermudian army.

Overall there were 125 troops taken down the river and raced through the Kolapore trails. The Army was visiting the Meaford Army base on their annual training trip. This was our first venture with them and it was very entertaining, with some unexpected dips into the Beaver River! It goes without saying that they much preferred their own climate for swimming and hiking.

Here is the note received from Gavin Rayner-Regimental Sergeant, Major-Bermuda Regiment.

Thank you and your team’s adventures. My troops thoroughly enjoyed
themselves, even the ones that went for a swim.

Happy Paddling Everyone!!!!!