Nottawasaga Saga

On June 10, 2014 Hayden Murry and his merry band of Caterpillar Sales-people from all over North America set out to conquer the rapids of the mighty Nottawasaga River.

“Follow the guide,” Richard said .

“Don’t go near the sweeps,” Ann said.

“Make sure you keep up with the group,” said Jodi.

This sage advice from the guides fell on deaf ears as this jovial group proceeded to provide all the content for the comedy you can view. Note the feeble attempts to challenge the record for fastest up the dune and down. Sorry guys, 5 minutes is no where close to 36 seconds! In fact, this stands as the current record for the slowest to the top.

In all, a fun time was had by everyone and we hope they return for an even bigger challenge next year.