Kayak & Canoe

Whether you’re looking for the intense adrenaline of white water kayaking, or the peacefulness of paddling a quiet river, we have the right experience waiting for you. We can take you in water anywhere from placid to class two rapids depending on your wishes in Southern Georgian Bay (the Collingwood area, Simcoe, Grey and Bruce Counties).

Instruction in kayaking and canoeing are offered by Paddle Canada certified instructors.

Kayak and Canoe

Kayaking and canoeing opportunities include:

Learn to Paddle

Local rivers (2.0 hrs)

Paddling the lower Georgian Bay and Muskoka rivers

These are some of the popular canoeing or kayaking choices:

River Paddle: Minesing
  • Willow Creek entrance (4-5 hrs)
  • Glengarry Landing
River Paddle: Beaver River

Enjoy the natural riches the Beaver River offers, paddling along its shores. You’ll be rewarded with  amazing discoveries.

  • Access #1 to Epping Bridge (3 hrs)
  • Epping to Heathcote (2.5 hrs) Are you a beginner? This is the perfect option for you. Just long enough to give you a good taste, but without pushing yourself too far.
  • Heathcote to Slabtown (1.5 hrs)
River Paddle: Edenvale
  • Edenvale to Hamellville (1.5 hrs)
  • Edenvale to Atkinson Road (2.5 hrs)
  • Edenvale to Klondike Park (4.0 hrs)
  • Klondike Park to Oxbow Road (1.5 hrs)
  • Oxbow to Schooner Park (1.0 hrs)

Sea kayaking (guided only)

See the Blue Mountains with different eyes while paddling along the unique shorelines of Georgian Bay. Sunrise and Sunset tours are available.

Sea Kayaking: Tern Island

Coastal – sunset/evening paddle (1/2 day)

Sea Kayaking: Wreck of the Mary Ward

From Northwinds (Full day)

Sea Kayaking:River Trips on Lower Muskoka


Sea Kayaking Option:Taster

Do you want to have a taste of Sea Kayaking? This is your perfect oportunity… Not too short, to give you enough time to enjoy it; not too long, leaving you with spare time for other activities. (2-3 hrs)

Sea Kayaking Option: The Full Dose

Are you a fan of Sea Kayaking? Do you feel you can’t have enough of it? Then this is your chance to get a full dose! Our 5-hour tour will leave you satisfied, and still wanting to come for more. (5 hrs)

Surf paddling

Come check us out for the fastest growing enhancement to your kayak adventures – surf paddling.
Ride on tops or cockpit kayaks available at our Wasaga Beach location.

Voyageur Canoe

The Voyageur Canoe has a special place in Canadian History. It was developed over the course of thousands of years by our First Nations people. The canoes delivered trading goods for the posts in Canada’s northwest during the 17 and 1800’s. Each canoe carried six voyageurs, le gouvernail in the stern to steer, l’avant at the bow to set stroke and watch for rocks and four in the middle called les milieu. A load of furs was brought back to the rendez-vous such as Fort William at the west end of Lake Superior. The bundles were transferred into 8-10 paddler canots de maitre for the return trip along the north shores of Lakes Superior and Huron and through the French, Mattawa and Ottawa rivers to Montreal.

Our Voyageur Canoe trips are guided tours. (Full or 1/2 day)