Minesing Wetlands (by Sabine Meixner)

Ladies 2011 Paddle Program

Lucy - Minesing Wetlands 2011

  • Program Leader is well known local paddler Lucy Goorts
  • Kayaks are the watercraft of choice, Canoes accepted
  • Wednesday Evening or Sunday Paddleing during the summer
  • 3 day lodge based paddle trip at Killarney
  • Equipment Rentals and Shuttles available

Minesing Wetlands

An internationally recognized Ramsar endorsed heritage site displaying a wide range of rare flora and fauna. Normally a 4-5 hr paddle with no portages if accessed from the Willow Creek entrance. Best to paddled in the spring when water levels are high. Several highlights including Bald Eagle sightings, Sand Hill cranes and Blue Heron colonies. A particularly nice paddle through an ancient forest. Weekends only.

Beaver River

A very popular paddle that can be as long or short as you want. A nice 4 hr. paddle starts at the Epping Bridge and wanders though oxbows to Heathcote. There is one small rapid. Just past Heathcote is Tom’s place where we have been welcomed to his private picnic area for lunch before negotiating the fun class one rapids to Slab Town Dam.

Lake Eugenia

This lake formed by a Hydro Dam is a paddling jewel. From our sheltered launch we can access the main island, paddle to the stumps and watch for carp and other fish in the shallows. It is named after one of Napoleons’ mistresses by French miners who participated in a small gold rush in the area. The rush ended when the gold turned out to be fools gold. A good paddle in the spring when the carp are mating and you can hear and see the frenzy near any of the shallows. An hour out of Collingwood this can be paddled in the evening with good time management. A good early July paddle.

Nottawasaga- Klondike Park to Oxbow Rd

This is a nice fast water paddle of 1.5 to 2 hrs. It follows the route of early fur traders through large dunes formed when Lake Algonquin covered much of the area. A significant area in the sinking of the Nancy story. A good evening paddle it can be expanded to include the run to schooner park or started upriver at bridge 3 near Hammelville.

Dave Featherstone Nature Paddle

A well known naturalist and member of the Healthy Active Living group at Wasaga, Dave can introduce color to a tour on the Nottawasaga with his taped bird calls, knowledge of plants including wild rice beds, the type fish normally found in the river, etc.  A must paddle for anyone interested in the natural environment of the river.

Mad River

Eagle will be doing some spring cleanup work to allow access down this tributary to the Nottawasaga. Great wildlife viewing as the river has not been open to watercraft access for a few years.

Jacques Lake

A short paddle up river from Klondike Park this lake offers paddling through the trees, large lily pad beds and if we are lucky a family of swans. A good evening paddle and one the fits nicely with paddle #6 on the program.

Collingwood harbor and tributary

A nice paddle when conditions on the Bay are rough. The wetlands have Egrets, Swans and Herons. Up the tributary to where #26 crosses it the nesting Barn swallows have their cave like domains. The young are seen peaking out as you pass. Farther up the creek you can experiment with the rapids and learn how to use the back eddy’s to negotiate up river for a rush back down. A nice evening paddle that can be expanded to a day paddle with visits to the old shipyard docks/ the mouth of the harbor, etc.

Wreck of the Mary Ward

This is 4 km out from Northwinds Beach in Nottawasaga Bay nestled in shallow water near one of the reefs. The wrecking of the Mary Ward is a story worth hearing as you paddle out. Eight people died that November evening in 1872. This trip is for experienced paddlers only. You can access the wreck by zodiac or conventional motorized boat through Blue Mountain Watersports an associate of Eagle Adventure Experiences.

Gibson River

This river in lower Muskoka empties Gibson Lake to Georgian Bay. It has a couple of fast water chutes under Hwy 400 and another short rapid between two river lakes. It winds through Muskoka Rock and classic landscapes to a class 6 rapid that we portage around  (I ran it in 2009 and scared my photographer so much he missed me going over the large rock in the middle). The return trip is against a modest current and we can test our skills running the rapids backwards near our put in point. Last time in we saw a Moose. This is a trip for experienced  paddlers only.

Saugeen River

This is an exciting river to paddle. The stretch we have selected has a number of class one rapids and some short class two. As we explore more of the river we will keep everyone informed. The section selected is 1.5 hrs drive from Collingwood, starting at Walkerton. It offers several paddling experiences and beautiful scenery and wildlife. Sorry ladies-experienced paddlers only.

Black/Green/Trent river at Washago ( 1.5 hr drive from Collingwood)

This is  a beautiful paddle, centered in the Washago area. The landscape is traditional old cottages giving way to a nice MuskoKa wilderness that enters the Rama Band Reserve. To get the most out of this tour you need to be a strong paddler able to cover a lot of territory. We paddle up to the last rapid on the Black and can practice running the single drop on it to test our balance. Experienced paddlers only- we may offer a less rigorous paddle if some of the group would like this as it is a very beautiful area.

3-day Killarney Trip

We thought it would be fun to collect at Killarney on upper Georgian Bay in mid September for some adventures in paddling and hiking what many believe is the best landscape in Ontario -3 day 2 night Killarney trip-lodge accommodations. A must trip if you are at all serious about paddling.
We are always looking for scenic paddle experiences and the following might be of interest.

  • Very nice overnight trip on the Black river. We are currently negotiating the use of islands in the river as camp sites.
  • Any of the options above can be done by individuals or small groups outside of the regular schedule with arrangements through Richard.

Note: August 19th week, Lucy will be on a paddling vacation so we will not offer tours then unless someone else steps up to the plate.