Nord Canoe Trip

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Our exciting new venture from Eagle Adventures is a Nord Canoe trip to a secluded
beach, only accessible by water through a minefield of rocks. Guided
by Ben Letky, who piloted this very canoe through the rapids on the
Lillooet in BC, you will have an unbelievable vista of the 500 ft tall
clay cliffs, giving you an inkling of the climb to come.

Arriving in the shadow of the cliffs you will disembark and start your
clamber to the top while Eagle staff light a fire and prepare your shore
lunch. The less ambitious may choose instead to hike along this secluded beach, evocative of that special quality shared by remote beaches around the world.

Return to the scents of outdoor food and the visionĀ of the drift
wood fire readying it’s hot coals for your desert of roasted
marshmallows. Lunch-time!

Swim if you want or wait for the handrail tour back,
hugging the shore, where you can chose your spot to splash in the clear
waters of Georgian Bay.